Friday, February 6, 2009

Sexy Bacon Wrapped Food Ball

So the other night Hunter and I made this sexy lady. The layers are bacon, peppers, mushrooms, marinated mozzarella, swiss, and spinach then rolled them up into one delicious food ball. There isn't much to say except kapow bacon town! Here are the pics.

We freeze our bacon in between wax paper, which makes it really easy to work with.

This is a butterflied roast, nothing fancy it only cost about 5 bucks.

Here's that sexy lady with bacon on the bottom, spinach, mushrooms, and sweet italian sausage.

Make sure when you roll up the meat to do it firmly but not too tightly or everything will spill out.

Ready to go into the oven. The bacon looks a bit done but that's because it's been prebaked.

yum, crispy bacon!

Here it is right out of the oven, only been rested for about 5 minutes.

The autopsy shot, I love how rare it is. yumma yumma
And of course, the leftover sandwich. This thing was incredible Hunter ate it with a side of pagliachi peppers (thanks Jonathon)

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